Residential Rental Licensing Program

The purpose of the Residential Rental Licensing Program is to:

  • Regulate residential rental properties to protect the health and safety of those residing in the units; and,
  • Protect the character and the ability of all residents to enjoy their amenity spaces in surrounding properties and neighbourhoods.

In staff’s opinion, the Program and the Residential Rental Licensing By-law (RRLB) will successfully regulate residential rental properties and improve enforcement of current City By-laws that regulate parking, yard maintenance, and rubbish on yards (e.g. Zoning By-law and Property Standards By-law).

The Program and the RRLB is a tool that strengthens the compliance of Developers/Investors in:

  • Property maintenance (i.e. garbage and litter removal, grass cutting, snow removal);
  • Parking conditions (i.e. upkeep of driveways and parking areas, ensuring driveways and parking spaces meet Zoning requirements);
  • Building appearance (i.e. graffiti removal, doors and windows operational and well maintained, decks, balconies, handrails, and stairs in good condition, exterior lighting functional);
  • Building safety (i.e. floor is free of trip hazards, sinks and faucets drain properly, walls and ceilings in good condition, suitable size windows for rooms, bathroom is ventilated, HVAC is maintained, no exposed or bare wires, free and clear of rodents, vermin and insects).

The Program and the RRLB will not:

  • Regulate who can live in a Residential Rental Unit—this is prohibited by law.
  • Regulate the number of bedrooms in a Residential Rental Unit.
  • Regulate the number of parking spots as this is regulated by the City’s Zoning By-law.
  • Regulate the location of parking spots as this is regulated by the City’s Zoning By-law.
  • Regulate the frequency and intensity of social gatherings in Residential Rental Units and on Residential Rental Properties.  Niagara Regional Police can press charges should social gatherings get out of control.
  • Regulate the noise being generated by Residential Rental Units on Residential Rental Properties. The City’s Noise By-law regulates noise.  Niagara Regional Police can press charges should noise levels be excessive.
  • Control the actions and conduct of landlords and tenants.  There may be situations where the Niagara Regional Police can press charges.  Niagara Regional Police should be contacted if there are unacceptable actions or conduct by landlords and/or tenants.


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