Building Inspections

When is an Inspection Required?

The Owner, Contractor or Authorized Agent must notify the Building Department at least one full regular business day in advance of the following stages of work to request an inspection:

1.  Outside Water & Sewer Inspection:
     The completion of the initial Water and Sewer connections to municipal lines.
     [i.e. water supply, sanitary sewer connection & storm sewer connection]

2.  Footing Inspection:
     The completion of the excavation and the readiness to construct footings
     [i.e. footing forms installed]

3.  Backfill Inspection:
     The completion of the foundation / drainage layer and the readiness for backfill
     [i.e. foundation complete with drainage / moisture protection and lateral support]

4.  Plumbing Rough-In Inspection:
     The completion of the interior drainage and vent system
     [i.e. inside drainage pipes and venting complete and equipped for a water test]

5.  Framing Inspection:
     The completion of the structural framing interior and exterior after all mechanical
     systems have been intalled where they will interupt the framing system
     [i.e. framing and sheathing complete after plumbing, electrical, and heating]

6.  Insulation Inspection:
     The completion of the insulation and vapour barrier system and the readiness 
     to apply interior finishes, note: insulation ticket to be posted @ attic access hatch
     if roof insulation is to be completed after the insulation inspection in done
     [i.e. insulation is installed on all levels, basement and upper floors, and vapour
      barrier is installed and sealed as required around all penetrations]

7.  Occupancy Inspection:
     The completion of all items required by the Ontario Building Code in order for
     Occupancy to be granted and at least 2 days prior to readiness for Occupancy,
     note: This is NOT the Final Inspection!
     [i.e. all interior finishes are complete along with all life safety items, the building
      must be weather tight and all fire safety systems must be operating at full

8.  Final Inspection:
     The completion of all items in the scope of the project.  For Non-Residential
     situations a Letter of completion is required by the Architect / Engineer.  
     note:  The deposit will not be refunded until this Inspection has been completed

*.  Progress Inspection:
     This inspection can be called for when the project does not fall into the above
     catagories such as with decks, pools, signs or other similar projects. 

If you have any questions regarding the inspections or the inspection process please contact the Building Department as listed on the contacts page.

All Inspection must be scheduled with the Building Clerk.