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The Parks Department is responsible for the maintenance of all municipal passive and sports parks and trails throughout the municipality.

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Beaverdams Village Park - A four acre sports park located on Kaye Avenue. The facilities include a practice baseball diamond, basketball court and playground equipment. 
C.E. Grose Park - A four acre park located on McMann Drive in Thorold. The park's facilities include a lit soccer pitch, bocce lanes, playground equipment and permanent change and washrooms facilities.

Hutt Park - A nine acre passive park located on McDonagh Crescent. The facilities include 2 mini soccer practice pitches, playground equipment and a T-Ball diamond.

Martin Street Park - This two acre sports park is located on Martin Street. The park's facilities include a baseball diamond and playground equipment. 
McAdam Park - A ten acre sports park located on Ontario Street in Thorold South. The facilities include a gazebo, basketball court, skateboard facility, playground equipment, splash pad, a baseball diamond as well as permanent washroom and meeting facilities. 

McMillan Park #1 - A four acre sports park located on Carleton Street. The facilities include a lit baseball diamond, a batting cage, and permanent change and washroom facilities along with a snack bar.


McMillan Park #2 - A two acre sports park located on Carleton Street. The facilities include playground equipment, splash pad and a practice field.

Port Robinson Park - A three acre sports park located on Canby Street in Port Robinson. The facilities include a basketball court, playground equipment, splash pad and a baseball diamond. 
Richmond Street Park - A 3.7 acre park located on Richmond Street. The facilities include an outdoor pool and splash pad. This park will also feature a family picnic/recreation area as well as playground equipment. 
South Confederation Park - A ten acre sports park located on Confederation Avenue in the Confederation heights area of Thorold. The facilities include paved walking paths, two baseball diamonds (one hard ball, one T-Ball), tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, playground equipment, splash pad, a soccer field and washroom facilities. 
Sullivan Park - A four acre sports park located on the corner of Elgin and Sydenham Streets. The park's facilities include playground equipment, splash pad, baseball diamond and washroom facilities along with a snack bar.

Battle of Beaverdams Park - This historical ten acre passive park is located on Sullivan Avenue in Thorold and is the home of Thorold's Millennium Cairn. The facilities include walking paths, bandshell, swings and washroom facilities.

Jaycee/Centennial Park - This one acre passive park is located on Towpath Street adjacent to the Fire Hall. 

Memorial Park - A three acre passive park located behind City Hall on Carleton Street. It is the site of the City's War Memorial.

Mel Swart-Lake Gibson Conservation Park - A twenty nine acre waterfront park located on Lake Gibson near historic Beaverdams at the intersection of Beaverdams and DeCew Roads.




1. The applicant agrees that the use of the facility is restricted to only that facility, and only for those times, dates, numbers, and activities mentioned in the application.

2. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in city parks unless by L.C.B.O. license.  Failure to comply may result in the loss of permit and park fee.

3. The applicant agrees to co-operate with staff of the Parks and Recreation Department and other groups using the facilities.

4. Copies of the group’s game and practice schedules must be submitted to the Parks Department prior to season.

5. The applicant accepts total responsibility for providing adequate supervision during the entire time that the group makes use of the facility.

6. The applicant must produce proof of $2,000,000.00 Liability Insurance naming the City of Thorold as additional insured against all manner of claims and actions arising from the use of the facility by the applicant.

7. Adult teams will pay a user fee of $600.60(+HST) per season, per field, per day used.   Tournament fees will be $143.00 (+HST) per day, per location for each tournament event.  Payments must be made directly to the Parks and Recreation Department.  All fees must be paid prior to season opening (May 1, 2014).  *Note: fees are subject to change at the discretion of the General Committee.

8. There will be absolutely no subletting of a facility without written permission from the Parks and Recreation Department.

9. Responsibility for the facility and the payment of fees shall be that of the applicant.  Should this area of responsibility change, the Parks and Recreation Department must be notified in writing.  Responsibility may not be transferred to another party without written consent from the Parks and Recreation Department.

10. No games, regular or tournament, shall be played before 12:00 p.m. on any given Sunday.

11. Permits may be cancelled for just cause by the General Committee.

12. Baseball diamonds and soccer fields may not be used before May 1, or at the discretion of the Parks Manager.

13. The City reserves the right to withhold facilities for any time that they may be required for other purposes.  The City also reserves final decision as to whether a facility is usable for the purposes requested.

14. The Parks & Recreation Department must receive a schedule of games before any fields will be lined or marked.

15. Regular operation of Thorold parks and playing facilities is May 1, 2014 to September 5, 2014.





The Welland Canals Parkway Trail is a multi-use paved trail that runs parallel to the Welland Canal from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.

This trail is part of a network of trails that form part of the Trans-Canada Link Trail, and the Greater Niagara Circle Route.

The Welland Canal Parkway Trail is linked by the Waterfront Trail in St. Catharines following the Lake Ontario shoreline and the Friendship Trail in Port Colborne along the Lake Erie shoreline to the Niagara River Recreation Trail.


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