Lottery Licensing

Lottery Licences are required for a variety of gaming events including Raffles, Penny Sales and Break-Open (Nevada) ticket events.  A lottery may only be conducted by charitable, religious or educational organizations, providing their group is eligible.  Some of the requirements, as set out by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, are as follows:

1) Organizations must have been in existence for a minimum of one (1) year, and must have proven charitable work.

2) The Applicant organization must qualify as a charitable, religious or non-profit organization.

3) Organizations are required to use funds generated from lotteries to benefit residents in the City of Thorold, Region of
Niagara of the Province of Ontario.
** Funds may not be used for any purpose or objective outside of the Province of Ontario **

4) Funds raised may not be used to start up a charitable or religious organization.

5) All organizations must maintain a separate account, at a local financial institution, specifically for the disposition/disbursement of lottery proceeds.  A separate account is required for each type of lottery scheme.

6) At the end of each month a copy of the lottery account bank statement along with copies of canceled cheques must be submitted to the City Clerk's Office.

7) A copy of all deposit slips at the end of each event must accompany the report form which the proceeds were derived.

Further information about lottery licensing is available at

If you are an eligible lottery licensing group determined by the City of Thorold, please click on the following links for a raffle or break-open ticket application or report.

Raffle Application
Raffle Report
Raffle Terms and Conditions

Break-Open Application
Break-Open Report
Break-Open Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view the Lottery Licensing Policy Manual.  The Municipalities refer to chapter 2 in the manual for guidance during an eligibility review and how lottery proceeds are disbursed.

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