Election Dictionary

Acclaimed - Where a candidate is elected without opposition

Advance Poll (also known as Advance Voting Poll) - An opportunity to vote prior to Election Day.  There can be more than one Advance Poll scheduled for various dates and times prior to Election Day.

Ballot - A paper document listing the candidates and the offices for which they are running.

Ballot Box - A sealed container into which the elector's ballot is deposited after being processed through the electronic vote tabulator.

Ballot Marking Pen - The designated ballot-marking pen provided by an Election Official for an elector to mark ballot.

Campaign Contribution - Money, goods and services given to an accepted by or on behalf of a person for his or her election campaign.

Campaign Expense - Any expense incurred in whole or in part for goods and services for a candidate's campaign is a campaign expense.  It includes the market value of any goods held in opening inventory (such as signs and brochures) and any contributions of goods or services to a candidate during the campaign period.

Campaign Contribution - Money, goods or services given to a candidate for their campaign.

Campaign Contribution Limit - The limit on contributions from a single contributor in money, goods or services.

Contributor - Someone who makes a contribution to a candidate's election campaign.

Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) - A person who has been assigned certain duties/responsibilities in the conduct of a municipal election.

Election Day - Municipal Elections take place every four years on the fourth Monday of October.  The next municipal election will be held on:

Monday, October 27, 2014

10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

On this day eligible electors can vote once for Mayor, 8 Councillors and 1 Regional Councillor.  Electors are also permitted to vote once for School Board Trustee based on their school support.


Election Official - A person who has been delegated or assigned duties/responsibilities in the conduct of the municipal election.  An election official may include positions such as Deputy Returning Officer, Poll Clerk, Affidavits Clerk, Greeter or other official.

Elector (also known as Eligible Voter or Voter) - A person who is eligible to vote in the municipal election.

You can vote in the municipal election if you are:

  • A Canadian citizen, and
  • At least 18 years old, and
  • A resident of the City of Thorold, or a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the City of Thorold, or their spouse, and

Not prohibited from voting under any law.

Enumeration, Municipal - The process of collecting information in a municipality for the purpose of preparing the preliminary voters list for municipal and school board elections.  Residents can ensure their information and eligibility are correct by visiting www.Voterlookup.ca.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) - MPAC collects information for the purposes of preparing school support lists and municipal vote lists, as well as, administering Ontario's property assessment system.

Nomination Form - Prescibed form to be completed by a person wishing to run for public office in a Municipal Election.

Non-Resident - A person who owns or rents property in the City of Thorold, but lives outside Thorold.

Preliminary List of Electors - MPAC compiles and forwards to the City Clerk a preliminary list of electors eligible to vote in the municipal election.  This list becomes the Voters List and is used at advance polls and on Election Day.

Proxy - A person empowered by another to act for him/her, or the document conferring such power.

Residence - The permanent lodging place to which, whenever absent, a person intends to return.

Resident - A person who lives in the City of Thorold.

Scrutineer - A person representing a candidate at the voting location to observe the voting process.

Secrecy Folder - A cover in which the ballot can be placed to conceal the names of the candidates and the marks on the face of the ballot.

Voter - An elector becomes a voter when he or she accepts a ballot at a voting location.

Voting Location (also known as Polling Station) - A building or part of a building or other facility at which voting is conducted.

Voter Notification Letter - A notice sent to every household whose names appear on the Voters List.  It provides the date, time and place of Advance Polls and Election Day voting opportunities.  Electors should bring their Voter Notification to the voting poll.

Voters List - The list of names and addresses of eligible voters used for election purposes.

Voting Booth - The place at the voting location where voters go to mark their ballot in private.


This "dictionary" may be modified and amended on the City's website at www.thorold.com as necessary.