Appear as a Delegation

What is the purpose of a delegation?

The purpose of a delegation is to:

  • present information to council.
  • make a request of Council, in person, or
  • speak to a staff Report presented to the General Committee of Council.

Delegations will not be approved for the purpose of advertising, publicizing, or promoting any business or commercial enterprise or event.

Delegations may request to bring a complaint to Council only after the complainant has been a delegation at one of the City's Public Forum Committee Meetings.

Delegations about a proposed event on City property or roads will NOT be permitted until your Special Events Application has been processed by the appropriate City Department.

How do I request to be a delegation?

If you wish to appear before Council as a delegation you must submit your request, in writing, to the City Clerk and include:

  • your name, address, telephone number, and
  • a brief explanation of the issue to be addressed.

Delegation requests must be received no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of the Council meeting.  Council meetings are normally scheduled on the first and third Tuesday of each month commencing at 6:30 p.m.  Delegations are heard at the beginning of a meeting in the order in which they appear on the meeting agenda.

Can I provide printed information to Council?

Yes.  If you wish to provide written materials with your delegation please have 21 copies available for distribution at the meeting.

Can I make a PowerPoint or video presentation?

Yes.  Delegates who wish to make a PowerPoint or video presentation must provide a laptop and arrange with the Clerk's Department to test compatibility with our projector during regular business hours on the day of the Council meeting.  Apple (Macintosh) computers are not compatible with our system.

How much time will I have?

Delegations are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.  Confine your remarks to the matter described in your request to be heard.

It is considered proper protocol and simply good manners not to ridicule or berate other individuals.  Persons addressing Council shall direct their delegation to the Mayor and shall not be permitted to make inquiries to members of Council or to attending City Staff.  Unless permitted by a majority vote of Council, only one spokesperson shall be permitted to speak for a group.

At the conclusion of the delegation, members of Council may ask questions of the delegate for the purpose of clarification but shall not enter into a debate with the delegate or the rest of Council.

Where the subject of the delegation has not been previously dealt with by Council, the Mayor may request a motion referring the matter to City staff for a report for consideration at a future meeting.

Questions regarding delegations may be directed to the Clerk's Department at 905-227-6613 ext. 224.

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